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Wire Sawing


Wire Sawing: Precision Cutting for Large Concrete Structures

Serving Clients in Texas and Across the US

Have a job where traditional concrete saws are not an option? Wire sawing may be your answer. A wire saw is a machine using a metal wire or cable for cutting. There are two types of wire saw machines: continuous and oscillating (sometimes the wire itself is referred to as a “blade”). One major advantage of wire saws is their smaller kerf, as compared to a blade. This method also produces very clean and precise cuts.

Wire sawing is a simple and efficient process for removing large portions of reinforced concrete, towers, bridges and steel structures. This method is often used in difficult conditions where the work space is narrow and confined.

Texas Cutting and Coring: A piece of Concrete Bridge support that was wire sawed by a crew of technician’s being lifted off a bridge by crane.

The wire sawing technique utilizes a multi-strand wire-cable fitted with industrial diamonds and uses a system of adjustable pulleys to guide the wire through the concrete. As a non-explosive, non-destructive form of controlled demolition, wire sawing is a precise cutting method that leaves remaining structures safely intact. With their small footprint and remote operation, diamond wire saws eliminate disruption to surrounding areas while minimizing cost.


What Is Wire Sawing?

Wire sawing uses a continuous loop of diamond-embedded wire to cut through concrete, steel, or other tough materials. The wire is guided by a series of pulleys, allowing it to make straight or curved cuts. This method is ideal for large-scale concrete cutting projects, such as bridge demolition, structural modifications, and industrial installations.

A Versatile Method for Cutting Concrete

Wire sawing is especially effective for construction projects that require concrete sawing in a tight space or where larger machinery cannot fit. At Texas Cutting and Coring, we provide both continuous and oscillating wire saw options, depending on what each individual project demands. While the primary mechanism of a wire saw is, naturally, a wire (or kerf) instead of a blade, many users are unaware of the specific mechanics of the multi-strand wire-cable and adjustable pulley system that allows the wire to cut easily through the concrete. Wire sawing allows for extremely controlled demolition and ensures safety for the operating technician because of its ability to be operated outside of the immediate space of the user. This kind of saw can make cuts in various directions using wires of any size or length and ensures minimal surrounding damage at the construction site.

Since cable can be of virtually any length, cutting depth and width, modern wire sawing technology offers almost unlimited possibilities. For this reason, wire sawing is used where other cutting methods are impractical. Because wire sawing equipment can make cuts in any orientation and in any location, it is ideal for making clean circular openings through walls and floors.

Advanced Machinery

Our wide variety of custom tools and services at Texas Cutting and Coring include our large-scale horizontal curb saw, developed in-house, capable of both horizontal and vertical cuts of up to 14 feet with no visible tracks. Housing our own engineering and manufacturing facilities have enabled our expert technicians to build and modify a broad range of custom concrete wall cutting machinery. Texas Cutting and Coring is headquarters of a team of industry professionals with combined decades of experience in all forms of modern concrete cutting technology.

Experienced Technicians

In fact, our technicians receive specialized training in wire sawing techniques and machinery. At Texas Cutting and Coring, we employ only the top-qualified industry professionals, as well as maintain safe work conditions at all times to ensure we are always in compliance with local and state industry standards. In everything we do, we aim to surpass the highest standards of workmanship and quality through efficient and timely methods at Texas Cutting and Coring.


In addition to our convenient wire sawing services, Texas Cutting and Coring also provides a range of innovative concrete cutting services via various machinery and tools. Aside from wire cutting and other concrete sawing services, popular requests include concrete break and removal, curb cutting selective demolition. Our full-service concrete contractors serve clients in Austin, San Antonio, Waco, College Station and surrounding Texas locations. In fact, Texas Cutting and Coring have consulted for a variety of high-profile clients nationwide, including commercial, transportation and municipal projects.

  • Our specialty services include:

  • Ground penetrating radar

  • Bridge parapet and barrier wall demolition

  • Core drilling

  • Wire Sawing

  • Diesel and electric flat sawing

  • Early entry sawing with a vacuum system

  • And much more!


Many of our Texas Cutting and Coring clients require wire cutting services at some point in their residential or commercial renovation and construction. A few of our notable points of pride include:

  • Residential renovations

  • Transportation construction

  • Airport consultation and construction

  • Commercial renovation and major construction

  • Government and military consultation and construction


Wire Sawing

If you have a large concrete cutting project that requires precision and versatility, wire sawing is the solution.


With many years of experience in the development and use of technologically advanced wire saws, Texas Cutting and Coring is your source for precision wire sawing in San Antonio, Austin, Waco, College Station and beyond. Not located in Texas? Not a problem, our wire sawing team will come to you. From California to Florida, Texas Cutting and Coring has happy clients across the nation!

Call today or request a free quote online!

We look forward to adding you to our list of loyal and satisfied customers! 

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