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Bridge Parapet and Wall Demolition


Experienced Bridge Rail Demolition

Serving Clients in Texas and Across the US

Texas Curb Cut is your single source for any type of demolition project, including bridge parapet and wall demolition. With multiple offices across Texas, our workforce consists of highly qualified technicians with the necessary experience and knowledge to complete your project safely and efficiently.

Bridge parapet wall demolition services provided by Texas Curb Cut typically include concrete sawing or selective demolition of the primary bridge surface and/or cutting of the parapet, or extension of the bridge, as well as cutting or demolition of the structure’s retaining walls. To demolish bridge parapets and concrete walls, our technicians may use a variety of controlled demolition methods, including pressure bursting or pneumatic or hydraulic breaker tools.

The pressure bursting demolition technique involves the use of either mechanical devices or chemicals to create perforations in the concrete, then use lateral force to break the concrete into smaller, more manageable sections. This technique may be used when it is critical to maintaining the integrity of nearby surrounding structures. Pneumatic and hydraulic breakers are especially effective for intricate structural demolition, essentially using a “breaker” pressure tool, or hammer of sorts, to break the concrete. The “breaker” can be mounted to heavy machinery and operated from a distance, if necessary, for larger structures requiring this method.


What is Bridge Parapet Wall Demolition?

Bridge rail demolition is the process of removing existing guardrails or barriers on bridges. These structures are designed to provide safety and protect vehicles, pedestrians, and other users from falling off a bridge or colliding with hazards. When bridges undergo renovation, replacement, or significant changes, the existing rails may need to be demolished to make way for new structures or modernized safety features.

Experience You Can Trust

At Texas Curb Cut, controlled demolition of bridge parapets and barrier walls is not only precise and with minimal surrounding damage, but also affordable and accessible. We have years of experience performing a variety of selective demolition maneuvers to clients all over Texas, supervising numerous job sites, nationwide. For specialty services including curb cutting and horizontal wall cuts, we even developed our own exclusive machinery, in-house at our San Antonio facility.


Texas Curb Cut has experience in bridge parapet and wall demolition services at the following sites:

  • Public buildings and roadways

  • Highway bridges

  • Industrial manufacturing facilities (interior and exterior passageways)

  • Residential properties

  • Educational facilities


In addition to providing concrete cutting and demolition services for bridge parapets and barrier walls, Texas Curb Cut also offers industrial tools and heavy machinery for larger jobs, such as full structural demolition, diesel and electric flat sawing and concrete break and removal services. We are equipped to handle selective, partial and full demolition of any concrete structure, including employing the use of explosives or ball-and-crane machines when necessary. Whatever demolition techniques are required, safety is our top priority. Not only do we continue to adhere to the most stringent safety standards in the industry, we do so while also holding to the highest standards in quality and craftsmanship for each and every job.

Both residential and commercial clients of Texas Curb Cut have requested bridge parapet and wall demolition services at one point or another for a concrete project.


Below are just a few of our valued clientele in this area:

  • Echo Summit Barrier Wall Renovation – Lake Tahoe, CA

  • Highway 11 – New Orleans, LA

  • Highway 45 Toll Road – Austin, TX

  • Interstate 35 – Salado, TX

  • Interstate 37 – San Antonio, TX

  • SH 45 Toll Road – Austin, TX


Our accessibility to engineering innovation with powerful design enables us to take on any demanding task that might seem impossible. Texas Curb Cut utilizes our state of the art Concrete Curb Cutting machines to make any large project seem small. This premier equipment is designed to endure the rigors of cutting hundreds of thousands of feet of concrete each day to ensure that our team stays ahead of schedule.

With years of experience in planning and successfully executing wall and bridge demolition projects, Texas Curb Cut has established a reputation as an industry leader in the concrete cutting and demolition business. Our high level of attention to detail and client-focused approach is what makes us the ideal choice for any bridge parapet or barrier wall demolition job. We understand that our success is dependent on your satisfaction, and we go to great lengths to ensure your project is completed on time, on budget and exceeds all of your expectations. From start to finish, our clients are our #1 priority.

Barrier Wall & Structural Demolition Crew

Whether you live in Pensacola, New Orleans, San Antonio, or anywhere across the United States, Texas Curb Cut is committed to providing the highest quality wall demolition services in the concrete cutting industry. We can take down virtually any kind of structure you can imagine with minimal impact to the surrounding area. Our structural demolition crew has developed a masterful skill for the art of demolition over the years and has a solid reputation for consistently superior work. For professional bridge and wall demolition services you can trust, contact us today!


Bridge Parapet & Wall Demolition

Texas Curb Cut not only serves the central region of Texas, we have a loyal client base across the nation.


Our bridge parapet and demolition team has completed projects in California, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida and more. 

Call today or request a free quote online!

We look forward to adding you to our list of loyal and satisfied customers! 

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