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Curb Cutting


Concrete Curb Cutting Experts

Serving Clients in Texas and Across the US

With our custom fabricated horizontal curb saws, we have the ability to accommodate your needs with residential and commercial driveway entrances, ADA ramps, parking lot modifications, access ramps and any other of your curb cutting needs. Our curb cutting machines are manufactured in-house and showcase our highly skilled team of welders, fabricators, and machinists. Keeping up with the latest innovations and advancements in manufacturing technology allows us to modify these machines for unconventional applications such as concrete bridge parapet sawing and chopping.

concrete curb cutting

What is a Curb Cut?

It’s a ramp cut into a street curb at a corner for wheelchair access or at a driveway for vehicular access.

They were originally designed to make public streets accessible to wheelchair users. Learn more about curb cuts >

Advantages Benefits

A curb ramp is a short ramp cutting through a curb or built up to it, and is designed to create safe access for those who use wheeled forms of mobility. Without them, individuals who use wheelchairs would not be able to independently transition from a curbed sidewalk to a roadway and vice versa. In the city of Austin alone, around 15% of the population is made up of people with disabilities, making curb ramps an essential necessity for the community.


Curb cuts eliminates the need for concrete demolition, form setup and removal or pouring and curing new concrete. The curb cutting machine literally cut days of costly, labor-intensive construction out of installing driveway entrances, access ramps, ADA wheelchair ramps, parking lot modifications and more.

Today, everyone benefits, whether or not they have a physical disability. If you’ve ever pushed a stroller, carried heavy bags, had joint pain, walked with crutches or a cane, curb cuts have helped you. 

ADA Compliant Curb Ramps and Pedestrian Crossings

As design guidelines, standards and regulatory processes for ADA compliance continue to evolve, the need for a curb cutting contractor that is thoroughly trained on ADA requirements becomes more and more imperative. Our team is well versed in the codes set forth by the ADA and has extensive field experience designing ADA compliant curb ramps.

The “Ground-Breaking” Horizontal Concrete Saw

In the 90’s, Texas Curb Cut pioneered the development of the horizontal curb saw, which completely transformed the way curb ramps are created. Before, installing wheelchair ramps, driveway approaches and access ways was an extremely labor-intensive and time-consuming process that could take days to complete. The horizontal curb saw eliminates the need to remove and replace the curb by making longitudinal cuts through the concrete at variable angles. The savings in time, labor, and materials by using the horizontal concrete saw over traditional methods are quite substantial. Our curb cutting machines are manufactured in-house and can be modified for other uses.

Curb Cutting Services
worker cutting a vehicle ramp
worker cutting concrete

When it comes to curb cutting and innovation of concrete cutting tools and machinery, Texas Cutting and Coring is an industry leader in its field. We develop our own horizontal curb cutting machine, designed for quick and efficient concrete cutting for a variety of commercial and residential projects. Whether your project requires the services of our horizontal curb cutter, customized wall-sawing machine, wire saws or diesel or electric flat saws, we offer the perfect tools, technical expertise and customization options for any job at Texas Curb Cut.

At Texas Curb Cut, our unique combination of state of the art machinery and expert industry technicians are the secret to our success—helping to provide excellent results and unsurpassed customer service as part of every client experience. Our equipment not only meets strict industry standards but is designed to hold up to rigorous use over time and provide reliable, precise results even after extensive cutting on a variety of concrete surfaces. In addition to curb cutting, we offer the following concrete cutting and sawing services:

  • Wall Sawing

  • Diesel and electric flat sawing

  • Wire cutting

  • Early entry sawing with a vacuum system


Texas Curb Cut also serves clientele in need of related services for their concrete residential and/or commercial projects, such as:

  • Concrete Sealing

  • Ground penetrating radar (GPR)

  • Bridge parapet and wall demolition

  • Core drilling

  • Concrete break and removal

  • Selective demolition

Our Texas Curb Cut technicians revolutionized the industry in the 1990’s with the creation of our custom fabricated horizontal Barrier Wall saw. With this invention, we made specialized curb cutting services possible for commercial driveway entrances, access ramps, ADA ramps and parking lots requiring wheeled mobility and handicapped access. We have since developed modifications to our curb saw that allow for more precise concrete bridge parapet sawing and wall sawing, as needed for special projects. Today, curb ramps are a necessity for all compliant public facilities nationwide. Our exclusive curb cutting machinery has allowed our valued clients to perform necessary curb-cutting projects in a more timely, affordable and efficient fashion.

Where else do we need curb cutting services?

While curb cutting is essential in providing greater access to those with limited mobility, curb cutting is also needed for a variety of residential and commercial projects. Sites including highway-adjacent roadways, access roads, and even simple residential lawn renovations often require the use of our innovative curb cutting tools. Whatever the task, our custom curb cutting machine can help to make cuts quicker, less labor intensive and more efficient for the operating technician.


Concrete Curb Cutting

Texas Curb Cut is the premier consulting and construction agency for all of your concrete needs. With more than two decades of experience in residential and commercial renovations, as well as serving high-profile corporate, municipal and transportation clients, you can be sure our expert technicians will support your project’s needs and provide unsurpassed results—on time and on budget—every time. Our commitment to customer service is just one of the things that make Texas Curb Cut unique.

Whether you need concrete cut for driveways, handicap ramps or parking lot modifications, Texas Curb Cut has you covered!

Call today or request a free quote online!

We look forward to adding you to our list of loyal and satisfied customers! 

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