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Diesel-Electric Flat Sawing


Diesel-Electric Flat Sawing: Precision Cutting for Concrete Surfaces

Serving Clients in Texas and Across the US

At Texas Cutting and Coring, we operate a team of OSHA 10 HR certified concrete cutters that not only cut concrete, but they also live concrete. The knowledge base shared within our organization gives us the upper hand on today’s ever-changing industry. Our state-of-the-art technology enables us to custom tailor our services to meet the needs of your unique project. We know what it takes to get the job done safely, on time and to budget. If you’re looking for flat sawing in Texas (or beyond) give us a call; we’d be glad to stop by and look at a project with you.


When it comes to cutting through concrete surfaces, precision and efficiency are key. Our diesel-electric flat sawing services offer a reliable solution for creating precise cuts in concrete and asphalt. This technique is ideal for a variety of construction and repair projects, providing a versatile and powerful approach to flat sawing.


What is Flat Sawing?

Diesel-electric flat sawing is a method used to cut through flat concrete surfaces, such as roads, sidewalks, driveways, and floors. It involves using a large, diamond-tipped blade mounted on a powerful saw, which is driven by a diesel or electric motor. This setup allows for deep, straight cuts with minimal vibrations, ensuring accurate results and reducing the risk of structural damage.

Advantages of Diesel-Electric Flat Sawing
  • Precision Cutting: Diesel-electric flat sawing offers precise cuts, making it ideal for creating control joints, removing damaged sections, or cutting trenches for utilities.

  • High Power: The combination of diesel and electric power ensures that the saw has the strength to cut through thick concrete and asphalt, even in heavy-duty applications.

  • Versatility: This technique is suitable for a wide range of projects, from roadwork to industrial construction. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor cutting.

  • Reduced Vibrations: Flat sawing minimizes vibrations, reducing the risk of cracking or damaging surrounding structures during the cutting process.

  • Efficient Dust Control: Diesel-electric flat sawing can be equipped with dust control systems, reducing the spread of dust and debris during cutting and creating a safer work environment.

Concrete Flat Sawing at Texas Cutting and Coring

Our Texas Cutting and Coring developers and technicians have numerous innovations under their belt. Since the 1990’s, we have revolutionized the industry with our exclusive wall-cutting saws and also introduced the first horizontal curb-cutting machine to serve our Texas clients as well as a growing clientele nationwide. With the advent of the Texas Cutting and Coring horizontal curb saw, many labor-intensive tasks involving concrete cutting can now be performed with minimal effort while still achieving maximum ease and precision. We aim to continue to exceed expectations not only for project results but also for top-quality customer service and care apart from our Texas competitors.

We offer several primary concrete sawing options for any residential or commercial project. For concrete cutting needs outside of wall sawing, curb cuts and diesel and electric flat sawing services, the following machinery and services are at your disposal through our Texas Cutting and Coring locations:

Wire sawing is especially effective in small areas where a concrete saw cannot be used or where large machinery cannot be utilized. This type of saw offers either continuous or oscillating cuts via a metal wire or cable acting as the “blade.” The cutting mechanism called a “kerf” is a multi-strand wire-cable fitted with industrial diamonds that uses an adjustable pulley system to enable controlled demolition and precision cuts in any direction. Wire sawing can be exceptionally versatile and is highly requested for areas where tight maneuvering is required.

Early entry sawing with a vacuum system is an option for cutting control joints, as it helps to minimize random cracking sometimes caused by internal stresses in the concrete structure. As an early step in the construction process, control joint-cutting is equally as crucial as the finishing steps. Our Texas Cutting and Coring technicians can help you plan and execute effective early entry sawing and vacuum system services, which can help to reduce stress on structural joints for the life of the concrete.

In fact, like all of our services at Texas Cutting and Coring, our diesel and electric flat saw technicians make recommendations and provide consultation to ensure strong joints and long-lasting results within the concrete structures involved in your projects. The right timing and materials are key, not only in the planning stages but also for the duration of your construction project. With a wide variety of tools, machines, and products available, our staff can walk you through the entire process to help ensure great results every time.

Our state of the art diesel and flat sawing systems meet all industry standards for safety and cleanliness at the job site, ensuring that any damage to surrounding structures is minimal if it occurs at all. In addition to our wide range of concrete sawing services, our team can also provide selective demolition, bridge parapet, and wall demolition and concrete break and removal services to safely dismantle and/or haul away any concrete structure. At Texas Cutting and Coring, our outstanding customer care and attention to detail continue to set us apart among nationwide competitors year after year.


Diesel-Electric Flat Sawing

If you need reliable and precise flat sawing services, we're here to help. Contact us today to discuss your project and learn more about how our diesel-electric flat sawing can meet your needs. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality service and delivering outstanding results.

Whether you live in Pensacola, New Orleans, Montgomery, Lake Charles, or anywhere across the United States, Texas Cutting & Coring is committed to providing the highest quality services in the concrete cutting industry.

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